Getting Started / Membership Information

Introductory session:

We offer a

Getting Started / Membership

Introductory session:

We offer a free introductory session to anyone looking to join our gym. This is a chat about our training philosophy, our various programmes and a movement assessment. After that we’ll help you decide how you’d like to proceed in joining the gym: This can be done either through our one to one fundamentals course or our group fundamentals course.

If you’d like to set up your free intro session contact us below and we’ll find a time that suits you.

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The aim of the PTI fundamentals course is to prepare new members to join our group CrossFit or Strength&Conditioning classes. The 6 session course covers everything we do in our group training sessions including mobility and flexibility work, bodyweight movements, barbell and dumbbell strength training and our coaches will explain the reasons behind energy system training and how we implement it in our programming.

However everybody is not the same and different people present with different mobility and/or flexibility issues which may need more attention to help them train safely and effectively. If this is the case your coach will discuss this with you and make recommendations of how go about resolving these issues.

As part of a 4 person group during evenings this costs €150 for those 6 sessions.

If you would like to do the fundamentals as 6 one to one sessions it can be done at various days and times and costs €250.

If you miss a fundamentals group session you can book a catch up one to one session with your coach at a cost of €20.


Programming options – see here





6 group sessions €150 (groups of 4)

6 one to one sessions €250

6 couples sessions €200 per person


Personal training: contact us for pricing

30mins Body composition assessment: €20

Remote coaching: contact us for pricing


Group training:

– Train up to three times a week/12 sessions per month: €125 per month (€10 per session)

– Train unlimited, access to open gym sessions & free monthly body composition assessment: €145 per month (average of €7-€9 per session)


*Gardai, Army, Fire Brigade, Ambulance personnel, prison officers and students receive 25% discount off monthly memberships only.