How long until I see change?
12 Jan 2015

How long until I see change?

Have you just signed up to a

12 Jan 2015

Have you just signed up to a new training program?

‘…A few weeks of training have passed. I can see some changes…’

8 weeks pass:

‘Why is it still so slow… Ah well I’m enjoying it, I’ll keep going’

12 weeks:

‘This is isn’t working I’ll try something different.’

That presents the question that we as coaches get asked quite frequently.

‘How long is it going to take?’




We have been known to be very direct and honest with clients about the reality of fitness, health and fatloss. We tirelessly educate ourselves so that we tackle every eventuality and roadblock a client hits.

Some don’t like our honesty when we say that there is no quick fix. We believe in health before anything else so we don’t agree with fad diets or training programmes that leave you not being able to walk for days…


We really don’t know how long it’s going to take for you to change and here is why:


You are different to every person we have ever met. For that reason, there are a lot of variables that can affect the “speed” of someone’s progress on their goals and training. 


1. Environment

The one you train in, again is it supportive? Is it positive and progressive? Do you feel motivated in it?

2. Education -

 The more you know of a topic the easier it is to apply the knowledge you have been given. So have we as coaches explained WHY your doing x, y, z?

3. Training and programming

As coaches we firstly discuss, training. Is the program the right design for you?What have we tried? What do you feel really worked for you in the past?

4. Nutrition -

Have we considered your eating behaviours. Is the program the right design for you? Are we all being honest in this coach – client relationship? What is your sleep like? Are you great all week but binging and ruining your progress on the weekends.

5. Habits good and bad

What are the ratios of good V’s bad habits. What can we tackle this week? Can we implement a good habit rather than focusing on the negatives?

6. Social groups

Will they support you, do they understand what you’re trying to do? Have they themselves tried what you’re doing it in the past? What do they believe in that may positively influence progress or negatively question what you are doing (This also counts for the various amounts of magazines and opinions you read and engage with on Social Media)


As coaches what we can do is give you all the tools and support you’ll ever need. We strongly believe in our strength and conditioning programming for the individual. Like we deliver here at Performance Therapy Ireland  Between this and our support in and out of the gym, we believe we can be honest and open in monitoring your progress and change things if they aren’t working.

How long it’s going to take, you decide with every little choice you make every day and the open relationship you and your coach develop.


By Larry Brady.

Coach at PTI.

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